We are an agency who aims for professional excellence and high marketing return. We provide professional services for our clients who want to raise their brand awareness and offer an unique event to their audience. The performers are trained professionals who have create hundreds of events all over the world. Quality of service and quality of the performance are our top priorities.


  • Top quality performances booking;
  • Consultancy for perfomance integration marketing;
  • Logistic support.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is 1 World Agency?

Our agency is a company that connects professional performers with potential customers. We only select top quallity performers from around the world.

Who uses 1 World Agency?

Any event organizer who is looking to create an unique event. We provide performers for festivals, corporate events, business functions, music festivals, bars, etc.

How do I book an performance?

To book an act call or email us with an enquiry. We will give you a free quote that contains everything you need to make a decision such as:

  • Details of the acts available in your country/region;
  • The running times the performance;
  • Availability;
  • Total price

We can even put together a performance 'package' tailored to suit your event - for free!

Why have a price range and not a set price?

The price of entertainment fluctuates depending on the performer. Performers who are very experienced, very polished and well known can charge more. Fees also have regional and seasonal variations.

How does the agency choose which performers to list?

The agency does have quality control. We list the top performers in each category - we do not list every performer available. Our criteria are

  1. A polished act;
  2. Professionalism;
  3. Experience.

We have attended and organized hundredsof events worldwide. At each event we pust our best effort in place to provide the best experience possible to our customers and their audience.

1 World. 1 Agency. Unique Performances.